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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Lakefront Brewery India-Style Black Ale

Spring is finally starting to arrive here in Minneapolis. I think the groundhog was very mistaken in his call this February, spring did not come early. At all. I am thoroughly disappointed in that rodent. Everyone in the city seems to be antsy to get outside and enjoy the weather. Bikers were everywhere today! Now the remainder of the city should come to the bike shop and buy one from me. Seriously.

With the lingering cold weather, porters have been a very comforting friend to me. My favorite porter lately has been Flat Earth Brewery's Cygnus X-1 Grand Design Porter, which I intended to write about today. But since I forgot my ID for our trip to Surdyk's, I was out of luck. Once I found my darn ID, our neighborhood liquor store had a different beer in store for me, an India-Style black ale by Lakefront Brewery, Inc., a brewery out of Milwaukee whose slogan is "Pure Milwaukee Genius." Genius indeed. This wonderfully malty IPA reminds me of the full bodied-ness of a porter, but with the lively taste of an IPA. It starts out malty, and a little bitter, and it has a long floral, citrusy finish. And oh God, is it good. This beer is almost black, though in the sun it has a slight red tint. It leaves a light bubbly lattice on the glass, but not too much. And I was thoroughly surprised by the thick caramel head it poured. This beer is thick and hearty, and would be great enjoyed with a roast pork sandwich. Like the one I had at Brasa today. Great stuff. I think this beer would also be awesome used as a base for a steak marinade too! But that is for another day. Enjoy this beer while enjoying the cool crisp evenings of this slowly approaching spring.

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