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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Mulberries: An Ongoing Obsession

I feel like summer is in full swing when the garden is going crazy, I actually have a tan, and mulberries start turning the sidewalks and shoes of South Minneapolis a deep shade of purple. I don't think I've ever had a mulberry outside of the general Uptown area. I am aware that they exist elsewhere, but I haven't exactly wandered aimlessly through many other cities in search of mulberries.

Anywho, mulberries are wonderful. I have many blissful summer memories of Derrick losing track of me on a bike trip, only to find me at the last mulberry tree we passed. But for some reason I have never cooked with them.

This year I made had few fantastic forays with this fruit, including my new favorite homemade venture: alcohol. I started out my mulberry quest with beer. We brewed a Caramelized Brown Sugar Porter (Thanks hopville for the recipe tools!) and added mulberries to secondary. But I'll get to that later... when it's done. I'm hoping it's a little purple. Next, a friend and myself made mulberry wine. And finally, Lamb Chops in a Mulberry, Herb, and Cabernet sauce. I also hope to make a jam and a dye, but I'll have to hurry before they're all gone!

I'll let you in on these recipes soon! Happy Mulberry season!

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